Indigenous Employment

Indigenous Employment

“BLH believes in working closely with the Indigenous people to forge a better Australia”

Indigenous Employment Policy

BLH is committed to increasing the number of Aboriginal people employed across our many organisations. The importance of the Indigenous people and their culture to BLH cannot be underestimated, and it is our goal to increase opportunities for Indigenous people in our company. BLH recognise the importance of equality in the workforce, and acknowledges the diverse culture that characterises the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of Australia.

To further our goal, BLH has pro-actively sought the assistance of the Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation, or CHAC, to help place Aboriginal workers within our company.

Working with CHAC, BLH will strive to achieve their goals:

  • Provide an additional pool of skilled workers to fill positions across Australia
  • Increase the number of Indigenous people employed across the BLH Group of Companies
  • Maximise the diversity of knowledge, skills, traditions and cultures of BLH.


To find out more about CHAC, visit their website:

If you are an Indigenous job seeker, feel confident that you can contact BLH and be treated equally. BLH employs based on skill, not gender, race or religion.

Think Safe, Be Safe.